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Men's Cologne
Contains human sex pheromones. Proven to attract women. Can be used in daily basis.

Female pheromones spray
Seduction Perfume for attracting men. Active ingredients: Estratetraenol, androstenone, copulins.

Man 2 Men gay Cologne
For best results use in social situations where you have the opportunity to have sex with other men. Active ingredients: Androstadienone, androstanone & androstenol.

Can pheromones actually work with humans?

Maybe they could.

When I was in high school, I first heard about pheremones. When I flip through my favorite Maxim each month, I look at the back of the publication, gazing at the small ads and thinking to myself, do Pheromones actually work?

Pheromones are airborne molecules that do not have any odor and are naturally released by the body. The claims are that they have an intriguing effect on the type of mate you attract and a variety of other social engagements. Scientific research has revealed that many animals release strong pheromones as soon as they are ready for mating. It goes without saying that dogs, insects and a lot of other animals find these chemicals, which are odorless, very attractive. Do pheromones have any major role in human lives?

Can pheromones actually work with humans?

There is a very obvious response to this question …

Yes, I think quite a number of products will! Even though our results are not clinical in nature I think they represent the actuality — be it placebo or not.

We tried several products whose claims were that they conveyed the attractiveness to the opposite sex and here are our results.
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