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Men's Cologne
Contains human sex pheromones. Proven to attract women. Can be used in daily basis.

Female pheromones spray
Seduction Perfume for attracting men. Active ingredients: Estratetraenol, androstenone, copulins.

Man 2 Men gay Cologne
For best results use in social situations where you have the opportunity to have sex with other men. Active ingredients: Androstadienone, androstanone & androstenol.

Thomas Edison Is The Devil!

I gave him my phone number. He said, “I’ll call you tomorrow.” And immediately I had PCA (Phone Call Anxiety). One of the hells of single life!

I met him last night. Friday, 8:34 p.m. to be exact. He seemed intelligent; but then again, I couldn’t hear a word he was saying because some Aretha Franklin song was playing at a decibel level not fit for human eardrums. After a few drinks, info. from the bartender attesting to his single status, and approval from my friends during bathroom touch ups, I gave him my phone number. Home not work. Bold move, although I lost a few points in the ‘gutsy’ category because it was scribbled on a cocktail napkin with my MAC lipliner. He said, “I’ll call you tomorrow.” I instantly hated him.
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