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Men's Cologne
Contains human sex pheromones. Proven to attract women. Can be used in daily basis.

Female pheromones spray
Seduction Perfume for attracting men. Active ingredients: Estratetraenol, androstenone, copulins.

Man 2 Men gay Cologne
For best results use in social situations where you have the opportunity to have sex with other men. Active ingredients: Androstadienone, androstanone & androstenol.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

All relationships have their ups and downs. One day you’re happy with it, and the next day you’re ready to leave it. But if you decide to call it quits, just make sure it’s not for the wrong reasons.
All relationships have their ups and downs. And sometimes you just don’t know whether to stick it out or say goodbye. It’s a frustrating and confusing part of the relationship journey. Read more »

Pheromone Helps Improve Intimacy

A chemical substance that is produced naturally by an organism that is living is a Pheromone. Serving as a stimulus, this substance, once emitted, sends messages to individuals of the species that is the same for one behavioral response or more. It can benefit the person that secrets it in many ways.
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