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Multiple Orgasms For Males

It is a fact and has been this way for numerous years. Now is the time to educate yourself about a man’s ability to have multiple orgasms.

Whether you believe this or you don’t, women aren’t the only ones who can have multiple orgasms. If you do some work, you can also have the same fun that a lot of females are able to have. It is possible for men to have multiple experiences and it is a disappointment that in this current society not too many people are aware of this.

So what exactly are multiple male orgasms? Let’s begin with what it isn’t: get a hard penis, have fun, release sperm. A typical myth is that orgasm and ejaculation are the same thing for men. The situation is not like this at all. Multiple Male Orgasm can really happen when you don’t ejaculate, since the two are not the same. But many men are not aware of this and they don’t even think about checking it out.

Clearly, I am discussing multiple orgasms now, but I am not discussing multiple ejaculations. If that is your interest, discuss this with your doctor to see if pills are good for you.

Now we are going to consider the five stages of normal male arousal: Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm, Ejaculation, and Resolution. It is vital to notice that the moment of Orgasm and the moment of Ejaculation (in spite of being closely related) are not the same thing.

The Process:

The Excitement Phase – This is defined by vasocongestion, an erection, a faster heart rate, partially elevated testicles, and becoming bigger (Tumescence), with erect nipples.

The Plateau Stage – In this stage, the penis tip and testicles become larger, the testicles are completely elevated, the corona has a purple color and there are secretions coming out of the Cowper’s gland.

The Orgasm Stage – Let’s be real, we all are aware of what it is and we love it. What happens is that semen is released from the vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and prostate gland, resulting in seminal liquid gathering at the base of the urethral bulb close to the prostrate. When mytotonia happens, the muscles become rigid the moment before tension is released. At this time, you will feel a little tingle telling you that the Big Event, the Point of No Return, Awareness of the Coming Release, is here.

Time For Ejaculation – This is when the prostrate, perineal muscles, as well as the shaft of the penis contract and semen is released. During this same time, your thinking is unclear. The Refractory Point has been activated in your body.

The Resolution Phase – This is when the erection goes down, testes move back, the scrotum gets thinner, myotonia and vasocongestion decreases.

How is it possible to have multiple male orgasms?

Now, when your seed is released, the body releases hormones saying it is over, so the penis can be soft again, as blood circulates to the rest of your body. This is a time of refraction. If you don’t ejaculate, you won’t get soft.

But how can I avoid letting my seed go?

This is where you are taught about the pubococcygeal muscle, also called the pelvic floor muscle, or PC muscle.  Maybe you know about this muscle because it controls how urine stops while flowing in the middle of urinating. If it is a struggle for you to stop the flow, then your PC muscle is not strong. If this is your situation, then you have to make your PC muscle stronger before you can achieve multiple orgasms. When the PC muscle is squeezed or contracted, you should feel like your pelvic organs are being pushed up. MMO is totally dependent on having strong control of this muscle. When you find out its location (easy to do while urinating), you can exercise it anyplace in privacy. If you make this muscle stronger, you can actually stop everything from going wild, and therefore have two, three, or four orgasms without the grand climax.

Well I discovered where the muscle is and made it stronger, so now what do I do?

Do you recall the Point of No Return? It doesn’t have to be like this. The secret for Multiple Male Orgasm is coming near the Event Horizon, the time when you are aware of what is going to happen, and then making good use of this muscle. This is the reason is it necessary to realize that an orgasm and ejaculation are different.

Can the orgasms be as wonderful as they would be if I just had one?

Not really, however you have several more experiences than you would have had, and then you will have your final climax anyhow.

My pubococcygeal muscle is weak; what can be done?

Now here comes the fun:  Rehearse this while you masturbate. Try this when you are alone and have no distractions. You can help to locate your PC muscle by focusing on your breathing. Concentrating on the breaths you take also helps you hear what your body is saying when you are coming near ejaculation. When you are aroused, discover your restrictions and bring yourself closer each time. Come near the Event Horizon, but as you come close, relax and back away from it. Every time this happens, your PC muscle should be exercised. Come closer every time. Eventually pass it by and realize your strength. The first time, you might not be able to do it, but this is alright, you still enjoyed yourself.

Is this similar to riding a bicycle and when I know the method for MMO, will I be set for the future?

Not really. You have to continue strengthening the muscle. Like other muscles, if it isn’t used regularly, it loses strength. If it is developed and you have a relationship for a few months, then you separate and you have a period of bad luck, you must stay in shape while you do not have a partner.

Enjoy this new skill. I advise that you look at the Kama Sutra (summarized on the Internet or read the book) or study the Chakras and the method of sex, rather than just believing you are naturally good in bed. You don’t want to erroneously believe you are great, when your partner is actually faking it, and you are taking longer than she wants to put up with. Remember that the Tao and Eastern civilizations have been doing this for centuries, so it is thought to be safe for your health, however if you experience any undesired side effects, quit.

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