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Love Letters of Lydia & Lyle

Remember passing notes in grade school? It was a fundamental part of the communication process – especially when the recipient was someone you had a huge crush on.

Everything seemed so much easier when we were kids. And when it came to “love”, it was definitely easier. There was also much more honesty when it came to communicating our feelings. Even if we didn’t quite know exactly what those feelings were.

On May 11, 1970, in math class at P.S. 19 in New York City, nine year old Lydia Jacobs threw a paper airplane at classmate Lyle Benson.

Someone spit in your hair.

During lunch, Lyle dropped a small note on Lydia’s tray.

You always smell like coconut.

It was just the beginning.


I’m in history class right now. I hate Mr. Pillman. Why does he look at his hands all the time? Save me a seat on the bus. I have Sweet Tarts.

My mother said you can come over for dinner tonight if I clean my room and if I find the hamster. So, you can come over if you want to. I don’t care. We’re having spaghetti.
P.S. Don’t dot your i’s with hearts.

Do you like Jill McKinney? Because she said you picked her first in kickball and then Sue Abrams said that Billy Riley said you told her friend that you said you did. I hate her. She wrote your name on her notebook. Make sure you sit next to me in lunch.

Who’s Jill McKinney?

I got an A on my math test. Jason Whitman got one too because I let him copy off me. He plays tennis.

I have a stomachache. I don’t want to go to the nurse because she smells like coffee and I’ll throw up. I play tennis.

I love you.

Lyle never wrote back. As a matter of fact, Lydia never saw him again.

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