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How You Can Hook a Great Guy

Let’s more closely examine how you can hook a great guy. You might be surprised to find attracting guys to be both simple and enjoyable.

It’s better to think about attracting “guys” rather than “men”, because it puts you in a more casual frame of mind.

Their plans for the future, to the extent they have them, remain open to change.

Guys are looking for fun, not a ball and chain. They could very well want a long-term relationship, but bringing it up out of the blue will just kill the mood.

Ways to Hook Men

–Think about now, not five years from now. Have a good time.

–Don’t Say the “M” Word! Even more mature men are often commitment-phobes. Live in the present; there’s no rush.

–Be a fun person. You have to exude energy. Be fun to be with.  Being boring never got anyone anywhere.

–Your Friends Could Be Your Worst Enemies. Don’t succumb to temptation to break this difficult-to-follow rule. Your friends can be a great source of informal advice, but remember that they lack the training and experience to consistently give good advice. Your mother might know a thing or two, but the best source of advice is someone with a proven track record of successful relationships.

–Never put on a false front to impress a guy. Any of the guys you’re meeting could turn out to be your soul mate. Even if he’s not, he may know another guy you end up clicking with. Don’t be fake. Don’t be that girl who sticks with Mr. Right Now wondering when and how they can meet Mr. Right.

Staying true to yourself is probably the most important role, since if you subordinate your true self to a manufactured persona, reasserting your true self can be surprisingly difficult.

Also, you’ll never be sure if he likes you or your persona. If he doesn’t like the real you, the relationship can be ended before anyone is too emotionally invested, saving both parties time and heartache.

Don’t forget…

“Attracting guys should be fun!” – If you find trying to attract guys to be a drag, that means it’s time to reassess your strategy and try again. If you are headed in the wrong direction, you can turn it around without have to retrace your steps too far!

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