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Enhance Your Sex Life With Organic Foods

Let natural food be your love incantation, but be wary of missing nutrients that can affect your performance and staying power. If you’ve ever wondered how monks reduce their libido, check out what they eat.

Enhance your sex life with organic foods

Nothing compares to the succulence of fresh, organic foods, especially when you know the potential for performance and enjoyment between the sheets! Since nutrition is the foundation of all healing, we must make sure we are eating the right foods to ensure optimal health and sexual balance. A nutrient dense diet of unprocessed, whole foods will provide concentrated sources of key nutrients such as zinc, essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, D and E, for our reproductive health. Impotence, infertility and premature ejaculation have been treated for over a thousand years with natural therapies and home remedies.

Natural self-care can come in many forms with a corrective diet and special food therapies that should not be overlooked. There are corrective drugs and surgical intervention available, but as is often the case with drugs such as viagra, there is a price to pay for tampering with the body’s biochemistry. It’s not really an option for our youth-health minded men as it interferes with the body’s chemistry and ultimately prevent a true, lasting healing from taking place. Through generations of handed down traditions of fertility nutrition, native Indian men and women throughout the world, consume large quantities of animal derived foods. Rich in vitamin A and D, raw or steamed salmon, sardines, raw dairy foods [full fat cheeses, eggs, sour cream, milk], a variety of insects and offal, offer rich sources of fat-soluble activators.

Today we’re warned against eating fatty foods, especially meats and dairy for fear of impotence and clogged arteries? This fear, and many other activist’s scare mongering, are utterly unfounded and ultimately body harmful. What they don’t care to point out is that it is actually the unsaturated, polyunsaturated and transfatty acids found in the foods vegans and vegetarians are steered towards, which are the most dangerous, and must be eliminated from the diet, post haste. Leave these food poisons, which includes cold pressed vegetable oils (excluding olive) to the opinionated activists and get the essential ‘male’ nutrients from organically farmed animal and environmentally protected ocean foods. If fish or meat is unpalatable, get into the healthy habit of eating raw eggs (from free roaming chickens) and (organically farmed) raw goat cheese, fish oils and seaweed.

Deficiency in male reproductive essential fatty acids and minerals is now being linked to prostate weakness and infertility. Without supplementation of zinc, inhibition of the conversion of testosterone precursors into the activated hormone occurs and since zinc is found in high concentrations in seminal fluid, it is essential for male health and sexual excellence. Over time, zinc deficiency ultimately leads to an overgrowth of prostatic tissue.

Beware of plant food sources of zinc, the phytic acid and enzymes inhibitors in these vegetarian foods are poorly absorbed, so unless you sprout, ferment or roast them first, leave them to the squirrels and birds. The highest and most renowned dietary source of zinc is an age-old aphrodisiac delicacy with a long reputation for ensuring a man’s virility. A candlelit dinner with oysters, can definitely set the mood, and if eaten twice or three times a week, any zinc deficiency is corrected and balanced while any impotence or fertility problems, healed.

The best sources of essential fatty acids are fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel) and their oils, dark leafy vegetables, flax seed and walnuts. Consumed regularly as part of a balanced diet, they nourish the prostate gland and when converted into proglandins they facilitate hormonal activity on a cellular level. Vitamin E, another essential male nutrient is a major component of prostatic tissue and necessary for the formation of sperm. One of the best sources is wheat germ oil. Legumes and nuts are rich in arginine, an amino acid that enhances circulation and dilates the capillaries of the penis increasing blood flow. Low sperm counts are increased and, arginine is considered the standard treatment for male infertility.

If you’ve ever wondered how Buddhist monks dampen their libido, check out what they eat. Tofu is consumed in great quantities to reduce sexual inclination and arousal, so if you want the opposite, avoid all soybean foods. Soy isoflavones are genotoxic to sperm. Also, avoid commercially-farmed/raised animal foods. Modern animal husbandry routinely use estrogenic hormones to fatten up their stocks, obviously the residues of these estrogens are served up in your plate, too, so if you eat meat and dairy, go organic.

Have a good health!

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