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The Jealousy Factor

Jealousy is like nausea. Nobody wants it, it feels terrible; but it is there for a reason. It must come from deep, long-ago, ancestral genes that are designed to keep the home fires burning and the family intact. In general, if you are involved in a loving, happy relationship, and you have good reason to trust your partner, jealousy should not even be an issue.

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Single Speak

The true meaning behind 15 popular male phrases. Well, it’s how this single woman interprets them.
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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

All relationships have their ups and downs. One day you’re happy with it, and the next day you’re ready to leave it. But if you decide to call it quits, just make sure it’s not for the wrong reasons.
All relationships have their ups and downs. And sometimes you just don’t know whether to stick it out or say goodbye. It’s a frustrating and confusing part of the relationship journey. Read more »

Love Letters of Lydia & Lyle

Remember passing notes in grade school? It was a fundamental part of the communication process – especially when the recipient was someone you had a huge crush on.

Everything seemed so much easier when we were kids. And when it came to “love”, it was definitely easier. There was also much more honesty when it came to communicating our feelings. Even if we didn’t quite know exactly what those feelings were. Read more »

Thomas Edison Is The Devil!

I gave him my phone number. He said, “I’ll call you tomorrow.” And immediately I had PCA (Phone Call Anxiety). One of the hells of single life!

I met him last night. Friday, 8:34 p.m. to be exact. He seemed intelligent; but then again, I couldn’t hear a word he was saying because some Aretha Franklin song was playing at a decibel level not fit for human eardrums. After a few drinks, info. from the bartender attesting to his single status, and approval from my friends during bathroom touch ups, I gave him my phone number. Home not work. Bold move, although I lost a few points in the ‘gutsy’ category because it was scribbled on a cocktail napkin with my MAC lipliner. He said, “I’ll call you tomorrow.” I instantly hated him.
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Evidence That Demands a Verdict

Do you have questions about the many issues and concerns surrounding homosexuality?

The debates surrounding the development of homosexuality and same sex attractions are many. Thousands of men and women seek answers to some difficult questions regarding this topic. Are some people born gay? Are there genetic flaws that lead to gender confusion? Read more »

What do you know about Male sexuality? Sexual Difficulties

Learning about Sex

A male’s early thoughts on sex are usually based on macho fiction. Of course, these generate unrealistic ideas for sexual encounters. There are quite a few men who have received their main source of education from explicit media, including magazines and movies. Male socialization offers very limited worthwhile information about personal relationships.

Music and movies are two methods men employ to learn how to interact with women. Buddy Holly, a rock and roll legend, wrote “Maybe baby, I want you tonight,” — a sentiment that regarded women as nothing more than objects to be desired and won over. The Beatles song “I Want You” has a similar theme, while the James Bond character embodies the message that real men are suave enough to get any woman into bed. Read more »

Multiple Orgasms For Males

It is a fact and has been this way for numerous years. Now is the time to educate yourself about a man’s ability to have multiple orgasms.

Whether you believe this or you don’t, women aren’t the only ones who can have multiple orgasms. If you do some work, you can also have the same fun that a lot of females are able to have. It is possible for men to have multiple experiences and it is a disappointment that in this current society not too many people are aware of this. Read more »

Enhance Your Sex Life With Organic Foods

Let natural food be your love incantation, but be wary of missing nutrients that can affect your performance and staying power. If you’ve ever wondered how monks reduce their libido, check out what they eat.

Enhance your sex life with organic foods

Nothing compares to the succulence of fresh, organic foods, especially when you know the potential for performance and enjoyment between the sheets! Since nutrition is the foundation of all healing, we must make sure we are eating the right foods to ensure optimal health and sexual balance. A nutrient dense diet of unprocessed, whole foods will provide concentrated sources of key nutrients such as zinc, essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, D and E, for our reproductive health. Impotence, infertility and premature ejaculation have been treated for over a thousand years with natural therapies and home remedies. Read more »

Do You Wish to Attract Girls? It’s Easy!

Suggestions for Single Guys Desiring to Attract Females

Since you are a single guy, the problem of the way to attract girls could be very mind boggling.
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