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Men's Cologne
Contains human sex pheromones. Proven to attract women. Can be used in daily basis.

Female pheromones spray
Seduction Perfume for attracting men. Active ingredients: Estratetraenol, androstenone, copulins.

Man 2 Men gay Cologne
For best results use in social situations where you have the opportunity to have sex with other men. Active ingredients: Androstadienone, androstanone & androstenol.

The Jealousy Factor

Jealousy is like nausea. Nobody wants it, it feels terrible; but it is there for a reason. It must come from deep, long-ago, ancestral genes that are designed to keep the home fires burning and the family intact. In general, if you are involved in a loving, happy relationship, and you have good reason to trust your partner, jealousy should not even be an issue.

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How You Can Hook a Great Guy

Let’s more closely examine how you can hook a great guy. You might be surprised to find attracting guys to be both simple and enjoyable.
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Why are The Pheromones of Women Worn?

Pheromones – The signals that are chemical which do not have a smell or color, and affect the sub-conscious behavior in humans and animals.

The bodies of women have evolved to include pheromones so plain women could attract mates. Read more »

Pheromone Helps Improve Intimacy

A chemical substance that is produced naturally by an organism that is living is a Pheromone. Serving as a stimulus, this substance, once emitted, sends messages to individuals of the species that is the same for one behavioral response or more. It can benefit the person that secrets it in many ways.
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Pheromones Will Find You Out

What is that animal magnetism that draws us to some people? Both uncontrollable and irresistible, it has a distinct presence and power all its own. It’s that one word many people have heard about but never thought much about. What is it? Pheromones. Pheromones are responsible for creating the animal magnetism that draws two physical beings to each other. They’re at the heart of sexual passion.
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Role of The Pheromones in Making You Attractive to the Opposite Sex

Among the odorless chemical molecules that are released from human sweat glands are the pheromones. Animals also secrete this substance and they are used as a chemical communication method. Some pheromones produced by animals as well as humans are meant to attract a mate. They even give off information about their ability to reproduce and their genetic compatibility.
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Improve Your Life with Pheromones Perfume and Cologne

There isn’t any secret that perfume makers and businesses have a familiarity about how pheromones work and how they are involved with people on the level of sub-consciousness. As a user of perfume and cologne merchandise, learning the most from this scientific evidence can be an important investment when buying higher standard beauty items. Read more »

Attract a Guy with Pheromone Spray

It can be quite a task to attract the man who you actually want to be with. The truth is that nice guys are frequently the shy ones, even though they are often the best catch since they appreciate women.

What’s involved in attracting men of this nature? It isn’t a good thing to appear overly aggressive, which can drive men off. However, if you simply wait for them to take the initial step, you might not make any progress. How does a woman make the first move? Read more »

Pheromones Cologne to Attract Women

Many men are making use of pheromones, these days, as a method to charm the female. Obviously, you have come across that undetectable scent that attracts women in magazines and Internet ads. You can’t help wondering whether it’s actually bona fide, or simply marketing hype.
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You May Be Happy With Pheromones Spray

Occasionally, it feels like you’re unlucky in love regardless of what you do. You can dress in your finest threads, invest hundreds of dollars on your appearance, be in the right place at the right time, and still come up empty handed. For all the time and effort that you put into trying to “fix” your luck, you may find that, like some of us, you just aren’t lucky with the ladies. In these instances, you might need a little extra help. You can ask friends to set you with someone, but you may not get the girl and you might lose the friendship as well. Not to mention that you’ve just exhausted all the other dating solutions available. Read more »